Dear Struggling Affiliate Marketer,

Internet Marketing CoachMy name is Anthony Tilley and I am a 41 year old father of 2 from the UK, and I’ve been online for 14 years…

I wasted most of this time (and several thousands of dollars along the way) chasing those same shiny objects you probably have been (…and if you are honest, probably still are!)

Nowadays, I make a living out of Affiliate Marketing, Launches (A Recent One Grossed Over $250,000 in 3 Weeks) and Coaching at the Guru Level…

I consulted for Alex Jeffreys as his WSO Launch Manager on 6 Launches, and it was back then when I Discovered the “Secret” to Running a 7 Figure Business.

I’ve built and Sold a 5-Figure-a-Month Business and lived off the Profits, and I think that’s why the owner of the biggest WSO Group on Facebook calls me “List Building Ninja” … I Will be co-hosting my own closed door coaching event in Las Vegas this fall.

But Before This I Spent 14 Years Without A Shred Of Success!

I wasn’t always this expert Affiliate Marketer… Not too long ago I was massively stuck! I will bet my BOTTOM DOLLAR that I tried almost every marketing method available at that time…

And none of them worked for me. It looked like each method was conflicting with each other… “Go for the hidden niches”, “Go for the Traffic”, “Go for the High Paying niches”… It was so confusing!

The result: I spent a lot of cash ($13,075.24 to be exact) in courses, traffic sources, and other stuff, but I wasn’t making any money at all… All of this dragged me into some kind of depressing mental state…

Every Day I looked in my PayPal account…NOTHING!

Every Day I opened my inbox looking for sales notificationsNOTHING!!

Every Day I went in ALL my affiliate accounts to see if anyone had even looked at one of the affiliate offers I was promoting, and…you guessed it…NOTHING!!!

Let me put it this way:

  • I spent hours and hours working very hard on the internet, but I didn’t see any cash for my efforts.
  • I was barely making any money and it seems like I was writing complete volumes of text, eBooks and affiliate pages and all this hard work wasn’t paying off
  • I was struggling in the eyes of the gurus, in the eyes of product creators, and in the eyes of potential JV partners… It was an epic FAIL!

Does this sound familiar?

You BET it does!

But Then, Believe It Or Not, I Literally Stumbled Onto Something That Turned My World Upside Down…

Basically 14 years of banging my head against a brick wall. I tried dropshipping oil paintings, selling household goods on eBay, soccer betting sites, kids soccer sites, Amazon affiliate sites, sports kit affiliate sites and affiliate book sites too.

But I didn’t start to find success until I started taking action using these secret techniques I’m about to reveal to you here.

Something so simple, that would see me go from no-hoper-mongrel Underdog to cash-siphoning-pedigree…


Now that I have found out the secret to making money online, I can implement these tactics whenever I want to and see cool cash flowing into my bank account.

You know? I’m not like a super genius; I just got lucky… I’m sure that following a couple of simple instructions anyone can do this… If you can drag and drop, copy and paste, you can pull this off…It’s that easy!

And that is what I want to share with you today.

Listen Carefully The Results This Simple Strategy Will Get You…

  • Siphon cash from the internet on autopilot, so you can definitely quit your life-sucking 9 to 5 Job!
  • Create multiple revenue streams from other people’s knowledge and hard work, so you can have plenty of spare time, and the lifestyle you and your family deserve!
  • Position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche, and prepare to be hunted by the big guns to become their JV partner!
  • Become a trusted partner of the gurus so you can experience how it feels like to be part of this exclusive circle of high earners!
  • Create a real 6-figure business you will be proud of, so you can live a life safe and secure surrounded by all that everything that makes you happy!

And the best part is that you get a method that actually makes lots of money – 100% risk free, so you can buy anything you want…

… That big house with a pool.

… That fast car you’ve always dreamed of…

Just imagine it for a minute!

Are you sick of seeing what seems like EVERYONE ELSE making money online…?

…While you struggle day in and day out, getting nowhere!

Have you had enough of chasing shiny objects peddled by actors who pretend to be gurus??!!

Well I sure as hell have, it’s time to kick those charlatans where it hurts most, and get some really easy to implement strategies to take you and your business to the level you can only dream of…at the moment!

I share the tactics I developed and the plan I formulated to steal the winners crown from 4 of the world’s best and most highly respected internet marketers.

But more than that, I have developed a new system ANYONE can follow; I have tweaked and honed it especially for YOU!


Because right now there are hundreds of new launches every month, and almost all of them will be won by some guru with a big list… It’s time for us to turn that upside down, don’t you think?

And also because I can make a few bucks out of this and at the same time create a relationship with my future JV Partners (YOU), and in that way we can help each other make more money.

So… How would you feel if you could do the same as me… and win an Imac desktop and earn $2,362.60 for a few hours of work?

This strategy can be applied to ANY niche launch, and you can propel yourself from a broke nobody to a top marketer that people want to JV with, in a matter of weeks.

Keep in mind that ANYONE can do this, it doesn’t matter what your level of internet marketing knowledge is. Right now you have at your fingertips a fool-proof strategy that will enable you to achieve what you never thought possible.

Think I am exaggerating?

Read on…

This is final leader board for one of the year’s most eagerly awaited launches, Alex Jeffreys Unreported Marketing.


You did read that right, I won the product launch of one of the World’s most respected marketers.

But not only did I win it, I won it with style, beating four BIG names from the World of online business. You just have to copy what I did and steal any product launch you want… You just snap your fingers, and it’s yours!

This is AWESOME, these guys usually wipe the floor with all comers, so you can imagine the shock waves my win sent across the Internet Marketing World…

Shock waves that have made me become one of the top marketers in the UK and talked about on all corners of the globe!

The tactic I implemented to win this competition took me less than 6 hours but the aftershock has been long lasting…and shows no sign of disappearing!


“Anthony… l just wanted you to know that I’m so happy I made the decision to buy your product! I mean, this is not a simple product you can find anywhere else; this is actually a MASTERPIECE.

This strategy you teach is so simple, but at the same time so effective. I’m sure that after a couple of weeks I’ll stuff my PayPal account with fat commissions… I don’t know how to thank you for making this product available for people struggling with affiliate marketing.

Keep it up!”

Lenin Govea,

“…The Best Yet!”

“I have bought everything Anthony has produced, and I have to say Affiliate Underdog is the best yet.

The insider strategies he shares in this easy to follow video training are absolutely magic!

Anthony is an honest hard working guy, who it is clear puts his heart and soul into everything he does and the, what turned out to be, really simple plan to dominate every affiliate contest you enter blew me away.

If you want to take your business and your knowledge to the next level, I genuinely cannot think of ANYONE I recommend more highly than Anthony.”

Chris Jackson,

Marvel as top internet marketing coach Igor Kheifets shows how I helped him make $13,203.38 in 30 days!

This stupidly simple tactic got me noticed by a lot of BIG marketers, marketers who previously wouldn’t give me the time of day.

All of a sudden I was the hottest ticket in town.

After giving some thought to what I’ve done, I realized that this secret to online success, added to all the years I spent as an offline coach, could be combined to produce the most acclaimed product ever launched in the history of affiliate marketing.

Let me introduce you to the AFFILIATE UNDERDOG

I spent more than 30 days outlining the strategy to make it easy to use for anyone, without any requirements…

In this simple, step-by-step video training I reveal the exact strategy I used to win the year’s biggest launch in the “Make Money Online” niche, and how you can put it to work immediately, in ANY area of Affilite Marketing.

Affiliate Underdog is so simple that even the greenest newbie can follow it and within days have affiliate income pouring into their PayPal, Clickbank or any other affiliate platform you care to mention.

I cannot emphasize it enough, this stuff works but you have to take action, and overcome the PROCTRASTINATOR that lives inside all of us…

Without further ado let’s dive in to the contents of this stunning training program.

What Will You Get?

When you purchase this incredibly revealing training today you will receive:

1) Step By Step Streaming Video Training. Here you’ll get 1 Hour 45 Minutes of unparalleled training where I uncover the simple steps to make this strategy work for you.

2) High Quality Download Version. And I’ve created a downloadable version, so you can keep it on your computer forever and watch it every time you want at your own pace.

3) Audio MP3 To-Go. Do you want to squeeze the last drop from your time? Take this mp3 version and listen to it while driving or even while working out… You’ll get a tremendous edge by doing so… I promise!

4) Kick-Ass Mind Map. Get a complete diagram of this simple-yet-powerful strategy. Let’s assume for some reason you get stuck and you don’t want to watch the video again… just take a quick glance to this easy-to-understand mind map and get back on track in no time.

This training will take you by the hand, step-by-step to online success!

The business and the reputation I have built since discovering the Affiliate Underdog strategy, has allowed me to meet so many amazing people AND being asked to host major events…

Remember I spent 14 years making nothing online, I spent thousands of dollars on waste-of-time products that just did not deliver.

That is why whenever I create a product, I make sure it is fit for purpose and does what it says it will… I don’t want to be like those fake gurus. I mean, this is my business, and the core of my business is helping others to make money.

I’m not a rocket scientist, but I know this: The only safe way to grow my business is by making your business grow… It’s a win-win scenario where YOU and I will both benefit, and in the near future work together.

So I say… this product and the tactics I share within it, can take you from an Affiliate Underdog to IM Top Dog within a matter of weeks.

It will get you more respect in the IM community (as it did me, when I won the contest) and make you a JV partner that other marketers actively seek out, as I am now…

Wait, There’s More!

I have prepared a couple of additional features that’ll get you making money at breakneck speed:

1) Bonus #1. EZ Checklist. This Checklist will substantially save a lot of your time. I created this action centric checklist to make sure you stay on track. ($27 VALUE)

* You’ll get better results in less time with this checklist.

* I guarantee using this checklist will have you ready in half the time.

2) Bonus #2. The Secret Page. I cannot reveal all the details in here but, this bonus is really amazing. With a simple piece of code you’ll get inside, you’ll triple or quadruple the amount of people who will see your affiliate offer ($77 VALUE)

* This has been scientifically proven, and it really works.

* You don’t need technical skills whatsoever to make this piece of code start accelerating your commissions. I will show you over my shoulder how to simply copy a paste this strategy.

These kick-ass features will only be available if you buy today…

Don’t worry about the price, this will cost you less than you think

This Strategy has been proven to work by me and other marketers and the results speak for themselves, and I’m now selling this incredible “Masterpiece” for such a ridiculous amount…

The cost for today is much less than I paid personally for other IM Top Training Programs… It’s much less than hiring me for one-on-one coaching…


…Everything Is About To Change When I Reach 300 Copies Sold!

Once this amount of copies is sold out I will NEVER sell this product again. Only the people who get in now will have my entire “bag of tricks”, and no one else ever will.

Why the limit? Well, I just prefer the idea that we are sharing secrets… at least information known to and used by a select few and believe me when I say I’m able to afford this kind of eccentricity.

I want to help people, but heck I don’t want too many people getting in on this and ruining my chances of winning every affiliate launch I enter!

Also You have to promise me not to disclose anything I’m teaching you here, to obtain this product.

In the long run, everyone involved will benefit, since it won’t lose effectiveness because only a minority will use this method and you’ll be able to profit real cash from it.

So, How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Get This System?

Just imagine how much money you’ll pay and how much time you’ll spend learning all this on your own… I spent 14 years and $13,075.24 on courses to learn this…

But of course you aren’t going to have to pay $13,000…

But, even if you hire me to privately consult with you to learn this, remember that I get paid $500.00 to $750.00 per hour and I could literally coach you for 10 hours to teach you what you are going to learn here…

But I am not going to charge you anything close to $5,000…

I won’t charge you $3,000…

I won’t even charge you $1,000…

But remember this is the kind of money you can make…

The kind of money I make!

And I got this from just 1 affiliate promotion… Imagine yourself winning two or three affiliate promotions. Imagine how all this money will make you feel!?

If you are not making any money at all on the internet and struggling like I was, then you can go from zero to winning your first affiliate contest.

If you are already successful in internet marketing, you can double or triple your income, depending on how often you want to play this strategy…

I guarantee by applying this you’ll expand your business and earn more and work less.

Just An Important Note…

Once I get case studies, more feedback, and results from my clients, the law of supply and demand will dictate I HAVE to raise the price… And even though I don’t want to, it’s naturally going to go up…

But if you buy today…

You won’t pay $1,000.00

You won’t pay $500.00 

You won’t even pay $250.00

Not even $100…

In this rare opportunity you can insanely profit from 14+ years of my experience to create a real affiliate marketing business from scratch, for pennies on the dollar…

…Today you’ll pay…

Affiliate Underdog

My offer will NOT be available for long, and for a good reason… as I’m sure you’ll understand it once you see my simple, anyone-can-do strategy.

So I highly suggest you grab this TODAY before I make this decision to put this tactic back in the box where so many big marketers have actually begged me to keep it!

Do You Need A Guarantee?

I hope not with all the evidence I’ve given to you… Look, if you want to go back to struggling to make affiliate sales the hard way… If you’d rather be an unknown in this niche instead of making a name for yourself in IM…Then I can give you a guarantee.

If after you check the entire course you decide you don’t want to achieve the level of success I have (I’ll be shocked!), I INSIST you ask for a refund and I will give you all your money back without hesitation. NO Questions NO Conditions.

REMEMBER. You’ve got 30 days to check this entire product and decide if you want to keep it or not… And if you go faster, you could even make money with this before the first month is up!

My point is that this product delivers results fast, and that’s what my guarantee is all about…

And, hey…!

I May Be Stupid…

I may be insane…

Hell! I may be both, but I want to help others get themselves out of the kind of mess I was in for so many years, and I want to help others to get some of the cash the Guru’s keep on taking from us!!!

So let’s just re-cap here, you are getting a step by step PROVEN strategy that can make you THOUSANDS of dollars from other people’s hard work, the tools to implement it and a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee…all for less than one night out on the town!!!

But You Have To Act Now!

You’ve got to be fast this time…

I am sure you can appreciate this kind of killer product cannot be kept on the open market forever.

If you don’t take action today, this product and all the bonuses won’t be available for anybody… they are just going away.

If you let this pass by the only way you would learn about this amazing underdog strategy is by hiring me for private consultation.

Remember you can’t get it from anybody else, and I can even get killed for revealing this classified information (Just kidding… No one is going to die, but a beating may be in order)… No one else teaches it, but me… I’m literally the only source you can get this from.

And last, but not least only my guru level clients have had access to this!

Today, only the early-takers will be lucky enough to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Act fast if you want it!


* This has been scientifically proven, and it really works

* You don’t need technical skills whatsoever to make this piece of code start accelerating your commissions. I will show you over my shoulder how to simply copy and paste this code

All this for a whopping 95% OFF

Be Honest With Yourself

Look, you know you want this… Just listen to that little voice inside yourself… Believe what others have said; just click the Buy Now Button and start living the high life as Top Dogs do.

Affiliate Underdog

This is Anthony Tilley, Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this system!

Internet Marketing Coach

I’ll see you soon in the underdog training

P.S. You have all the pieces in place, this product has a high value, you have the proof that this system works (I did beat John Thornhill, Jeff Dedrick, Dean Holland and Mike Filsaime in an affiliate launch contest!), there are gurus that have tried this method with outstanding results. You even have a 30 day 100% – money-back-guarantee. You know what the right thing to do is.

P.P.S. Will things stay the same? Struggling to death, working long hours and no money…Don’t let that happen to you. Click buy now…

Affiliate Underdog

Check out this video below from top UK marketer Rob Cornish, who since my coaching has built a 6-figure income from implementing my amazing teachings!